First date touching/joking?

OK so I had a kind of first date my mom fixed me you on a blind date but just invited the guy over when I was home for the weekend.

He touched everybody but he touched my knee He was really funny and made a lot of hand gestures and he grabbed my fingers. Then he kinda lied on me and said e just wanted to see how I'd react. He sounds kinda like a spazz but he is really nice.

Do you think he likes me if he touched me not sexually but still touched. Oh and then he made a joke to my brother that I got all the looks and my brother was left with nothing. lol

Guys what are your thoughts?


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  • I think he is interested, yes. Not because he touched you, but because of the way he chose to interact with you.

    I think it's worth pursuing.


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  • if he likes you all around. then yeah but don't make yourself easy. make the dating last. if he wants sex then ugh yeah don't go for it

  • yea he sounds like a friendly guy in general but he payed more attention to you


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