GUYS: If you are really interested in a woman, how often do you communicate?

Is it possible for a guy to be really interested in a woman and not communicate often ? How often do you start conversation whether it be texting or calling?

well the guy I'm seeing now hasn't texted me in 3 days a single word yet but he has told me he's falling for me. We have been meeting once or twice a week for the last 5 weeks. Do you think he likes me?


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  • I don't try to communicate often, no more than she tries to commuicate with me, or she'll think I'm some sort of creeper, right?

    • how often do you initiate conversation?

    • As often as she does, more or less...I try to keep a balance!


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  • Start conversations with him.

    I try not to do a lot of texting to a girl that I'm getting involved with. Usually I like to save the conversations for when we are in person. I mean little things are okay. (good morning, how are you, and making plans.)

    Also when I am first getting to know a girl I will text/call somewhat often then kick it back to see how interested she is. If I don't get anything from her within a few days I feel like she's not that interested.

    • I don't wanna be the one to initiate the conversation ALL the time The last 3 times was me initiating contact and it doesn't make me feel good when he responds like everything cool. I think I wanna move on from this because a geniunely interested guy should feel / act different

    • O okay. Yeah if you always have to initiate a conversation then he has either lost interest or has become comfortable in the relationship. If you stop texting and move on you might find he will text you more. (because he feels he is losing you.) But you should move on. If he is truly interested he will contact you more.

  • I'll usually start with Facebook.

  • yes, he's my kind , I'm not really social with people I just met , but I got amazing relations with people I already know..

    your guy might take sometime.


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  • when my boyfriend and I first started dating, we use to talk for hours every night. but then when he lost interest, the conversations also went away. so if you guys aren't talking, that's a problem

    • thats how I feel and I brought it up. He gave me an answer mostly denying not being interested in fact he said he can't let his emotions control hm and he is *this* close to give in emotionally because he likes me a lot. wtf, weird ass nigga,