Has this ever had happen to guy and girls?

That you are having a most amazing day with some one you like and then one bad thing like literally f*ks everything up...Like for me...me and the girls were going to are night class and getting some coffee cause it was late and need to stay up :D but any was another story for a diffident time...but no after the class we decided to have a few drinks with are boyfriends and then out of the blue there my ex trying to get me to go with me...next thing I know there was a bar fight...this was possibly the worst night I had and now I got a 400 fine for broken alcohol...


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  • Yep, momentum shifts can suck. ::throws pity party for you:::


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  • yes, all the time. I had a really good night out, then a drunk mate decided to litter on the street whilst I was driving. I got fined $200.