Should I give this guy a chance?

So there's this kid that's been trying to get me to go out with him since we met about five years ago. We really young then and I felt like he was super immature. He'd always say perverted things. I've always said no. Now its like almost six years later and he's still persistent, every time we talk he asks (we go to different schools now). I've never been in a relationship so I'm really kind of afraid, even his compliments make me a little uncomfortable. I think I'm insecure so I kind of feel like I shouldn't fall for the compliment and persistence because its a big joke or something. How can I get over this and what would you do?


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  • To be honest I've been in the same thing, cept the girl never gave me a chance lol, I wasn't really immature or anything but meh, anyways like basketball girl said, lifes about taking risks but you should understand the guy before you do take that risk. Is the guy the same way? I wouldn't think its a joke after him trying to be with you for about 6 years now, If he has matured/changed a lot since before I would say give him a chance and see where it takes you. If you don't feel similar or feel that being with him will take you anywhere then just keep doing what you are doing. Listen to your heart and do what it tells you.


What Girls Said 1

  • life is all about taking risks. if you don't you will miss out on something.