What do you think of dating sites like eharmony?

I'm 20, and I've never had a boyfriend. There aren't really guys around that I have any kind of potential with.

I feel lonely, and I want to change it.

Have any of you ever used a dating site? How did it work out?

Do you look down on people who use dating sites? I feel sort of lame for even seriously considering it.


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  • For me it's the only way to meet someone.

    Don't get me wrong, I go out to bars, clubs, parties etc, quite a lot. I never meet people that way though. I am usually with a big group of friends (girls and guys) and am never in the mood to be approached by someone, or never approach anyone. I don't go out to pick up, I go out to have fun and be with my friends. If someone approaches me I politely let them know that I am spending time with my friends and then carry on.

    I choose online dating because you can chat to, and get to know someone without alcohol, and get an idea of who they are before going on a date with them, I feel that I have more control. I probably wouldn't go on a date with someone that I met at a bar who asked for my number, I am likely not going to give them my number in the first place.

    Some people still see online dating as a little embarrassing, but there is no need to. It's becoming more and more popular and accepted, and I think many people choose to date this way.


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  • I met my girlfriend online; we have been together almost a year now. There's nothing lame about online dating sites; it's a great way to meet people you wouldn't normally get to meet. Just like real life, it's a numbers game, and you'll have to go through quite a few frogs before you find a prince.


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  • I've never tried it, but hey, it seems like theyre growing more and more, so I guess there's some success in it. Go for it! It can't hurt to try

  • I think that they are doing good in the world ... I mean who else is going to find lonely people dates?