Should I just call her?

Ladies: should I be arranging/suggestion the time/place or wait till she calls?

Planning to hang out with a friend (girl) for the weekend.

should I wait for her to call me and tell me when she's free? Or should I just call her and suggest times to go meet up?

do I wait, or should I just make the first move


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  • If you're the person that suggested the two of you should meet up then you make the calls. She's probably waiting for you to call her, and if you don't make plans she might just assume you don't want to meet her. If she suggested the meeting however, then you wait for her to call, but if it gets to Thursday/Friday and you hear nothing, then contact her and ask what the story is.

    So contact her and suggest times to meet up. If she's already busy during the times you suggest then she'll tell you, after which you find out when she is free and arrange to meet her then.

    • she's busy with sorority stuff this weekend. However she did tell me we should meet up this coming week, and asked what we should do.


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  • she won't call you. she's waiting for you. so you better call her


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  • If she's an average woman, she expects you to do everything.