Why hasn't this guy called me yet?

I recently walked right up to a guy I know and told him I thought we should hang out. His response was yea one of these days. So I gave him my phone number. When I did he looked like he didn't know what it was, so I told him it was my number. He said oh OK thanks. Then we just stood there for about 5 seconds making prolonged eye contact and smiling at each other. So I said I guess we will be talking and he said yea, so I left. Prior to this I had invited him into the bar to have a drink with me when I saw him. He came in and wouldn't let me buy him any drinks, he bought them. I decided to observe him for a while. It was like he couldn't take his eyes off of me, he was watching me talk to other people from the other side of the bar. After I observed this, I went over and "accidentally" entered his personal space, and he didn't move away. We sat there chatting for a bit, asking questions. The whole time our arms and legs were touching and he was mirroring my movements and we were making awesome eye contact. Well I gave him my number on Monday and its Wednesday. Why hasn't he called yet? Is he expecting me to call him? Did I get this all wrong and maybe he isn't interested at all?


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  • If he still hasn't called you, try calling him. Follow your own intuition on this one. If you feel there is a connection between the two of you, a few days of silence isn't a rejection or evidence of you getting anything wrong - he could just have a hectic schedule.

  • he wants you to wait on him