So is this a date?

I went out with the guy I met on the Internet , we have chatted for like 5 months . It was our first time to meet but he kept me waiting for one more hour (we didn't fixed up a time when to meet,he said he was so sorry,but still……) then he showed his new apartment and some photoes of his friends and family to me ,after that we went out for seeking some snacks and then he took me to the place he used to work at , at last we had dinner with one of best freinds ||| ,btw, his friend picked where we ate

so what's this? playing with me ?


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  • classic playing with u! you need to be able to have a say in the date, come on at least be able to pick the meal, and he should have at least brought you somewhere fun

    • haha, feel like a fool

    • dont feel that way, we all learn from doing! we need to experience things to make ourselfs better! Your a better person now! :)

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  • Guy sounds like a slob, move on.


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  • It seems like it to me

    • I don't know what are guys thinking sometimes