Girls, do you go dutch on dates?

I've seen this come up a few times in regard to dating and relating. The views around here on how dating should be have been interesting.

So girls, do you prefer to go dutch? Prefer that the guy always pay? Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't?

Personally, I hardly expect the guy to pay for me. I always anticipate paying my own way. Whether or not it happened was another story. I've been known to argue about putting in my share (some servers have walked off with very good tips because of this). :p In the case of one ex, I just gave up after awhile since he always refused my pitching in for myself. However, if I ever got the opportunity to switch places, I took it.

So curious, what do you do?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Either go dutch, or take turns. I hate when a guy pays for me, it makes me feel like I owe him something. It's just the way I was raised I guess.

    • Seriously. I'm a bit too independent to expect it. If someone asks me out, I'm immediately thinking about paying my way. It's just an automatic thing. I don't really expect them to pay for me right off the bat.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I have always respected a woman who offers to pay, but I have always insisted I would, which like you, after some debate I have been allowed to proceed but I have also come across as a girl insisting she goes dutch because she can not offord my round or meal, but when I insist she would always argue, But I think that if the dates gone well, the girl should insist her half unless he insists, because this is what us guys prefer, we like the offer but we also like to pay, but if its a bad date, then a 50-50 is always a good way of saying it was nice but it won't be happening again, so be diplomatic and jest with the fact that you will pay for the next date if it went well, because he will just love the fact that he was good company and could get another chance with you,There's nothing more pleasing than knowing she enjoyed the date and looks forward to another one,x

  • I think if the girls were honest, they would say that they will go ducth if they are really into a guy. But girls only pay for things if they have to.


What Girls Said 5

  • i prefer to be paid for, it makes me feel... more feminine I guess? or valued more? not to say I need expensive things to make me feel valued, that's not what I'm getting at at all..., but I'm dating high school kids here who do not have loads of money and I understand that. so if its not cheap, I insist we go dutch. its common courtesy. for me, its more the fact that he wants/tries to pay for me, not as much as actually paying. I feel like its chivalrous, even its considered a totally normal thing to do.

  • i have gone dutch but I prefer the guy pay and court me in the initial stages.

  • i like to switch off because then each time one of you is doing something nice for the other. sometimes it depends on who drives too. if I drive he should pay ect.

  • Pay for my meal because splitting the bill might mean I paid more

    • You missed the point. This isn't "splitting" it's paying your share of things. It clearly said that in the question.

  • I think its better to do in the beginning when you know each other