What do you think about when you need a boost of confidence?

I am feeling down and I think I need new things to do and think about. I usually listen to music but it just reminds me of things that are getting me down. I was on a dating site and talking to this guy and now I just stopped messaging him. I don't know why. I just got scared because I was actually liking him and he was semi interested and I have never been in a real relationship before and I am so nervous to message him now : / but I don't want to lose him


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  • Whenever I need confidence I just try to visualize myself doing whatever it is I'm nervous about doing and how happy I would be when I did end up doing it and how friggen awesome it would be. Then I'd feel motivated and just do it. I do this with most things. Even when I'm invited to go out somewhere I need to do this cause I sometimes hate going out with stupid ass friends. Sorry I'm venting now, but honestly just try the visual thing and imagine yourself confident and being who you want to be. Take a chance otherwise you might end up regretting it.


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  • You say to yourself "If I live in fear then I'm hardly living at all.". Don't let your fears choose what you do. Take control and DO.

  • I just remind myself that I have a big penis.

    • hmm don't have a penis...and I can't remind myself that you have a big penis because then that will make me sad that I don't have a big penis.

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  • when I need a boost of confidence I focus pretty hard on all my good traits (physical, mental, social, etc) and I run with it. When you listen 2 music to cheer you up, don't listen 2 anything that's gonna bring you down or remind you of your saness. Lisen 2 songs that's gonna uplift u.