Should I wait and see what happens?

So I've been dating this guy for a month. I really like him, he really likes me. However, last week he told me that we can't be intimate with each other anymore (no sex, kissing, cuddling), because he is still trying to get over his ex (they broke up in June). He still really wants to hang out with me and I enjoy his company a lot. Yet, every time we hang out there is so much sexual tension and I just want to grab him and kiss him and I know he wants to do the same since we've talked about it a little bit. Should I just wait and see how things go, screw it and kiss him and see what he does, or just drop him?


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  • screw it and kiss him, see what he does.

    but if he backs off then drop him forsure!

  • dump that sh*t. That happened to me and I stayed with him. He broke my heart so bad.