Why is my guy way more emotionally open through text messages?

My guy is a real tough, strong silent type. He's a total gentlemen but sometimes its hard to get him to speak his mind.

Unless were texting, then he tells me things like how much he cares and that he's giving me his heart and hopes I won't break it.

He's a bit older than me and he went through a bad divorce years ago. He's told me through text that he wants me to make sure that I want something serious. So he's afraid of getting hurt.

How do I get him to be as open with me in person? And why isn't he as open in person?


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  • Actually it's really hard to get him to do it in person if he doesn't already. It's probably just easier for him that way, and at the same time that you're trying to change that also respect it to. Being shy means that it's really hard to say the things that we want to straight to your face, even if we really want to, just give him time and I'm sure if you express that he will try harder to open up for you. Just don't rush him and don't press to much right away.


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  • Most guys are very shy about their personal feelings, (I have had experiences) you have to tell him how you feel back. you should also start up a conversation maybe on a date or somewhere not in total publicity.He will appreciate it if you keep his inner feelings a small talk, not a shout out.

  • Sometimes it's just easier to say what you're thinking and feeling over text, because you aren't face to face with that person. But that doesn't mean saying it over text makes it any less meaningful.