I feel bad and I don't know why...

So when I got up to school I had a short thing with the guy in the dorm next to me. He backed off from me because he said he wanted to get to know me better before he got into a relationship and then basically stopped talking to me and started bringing other girls over because one of my friends told him that I was "heartbroken" that we weren't together and he freaked out.

Today we talked for the first time and worked out a lot of stuff and he said that he still wanted to get to know me. But after we had our talk I went to dinner and I met a new guy who invited me to hangout and ended up kissing me. He walked me back to my dorm and the first guy saw and now he seems kind of upset...

Should I feel bad? Was that a bitch move? I didn't do anything on purpose...


The first guy is the guy I was talking about in the link above...should I still feel bad?


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  • yeah because you felt bad about him doing, but also, if he didn't take you seriously in the first place, what gives him the right to think you will take him seriously, so when you talk about it to him again, mention the fact that if he wants to get to know you, then get to know you, don't leave it any amount of time until he starts to get to know you, make the effort, because your doing nothing wrong if he can't act on what he wants, and some bloke will see your talent if he don't move in on them before hand, so he needs to say and do not say and wait for it to happen, good luck,x


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  • Since you're not dating the other guy, no, you should not feel bad. He likes you; that explains why he is upset.

  • Yeah that is kind of a jerk move. I mean you sure you didn't accept the dinner date to kinda get back at him without noticing? I mean especially the exact same day when the guy said he has intrest in you and wants to get to know you, seems like pretty bad timing.

    • link

      This is the same guy. Should I still feel bad? And no, I wasn't trying to get back at him at all.

    • HAH hell no! He deserves much worse imagine all the girls he's made feel like sh*t. Why you still even talk to this guy is beyond me...

  • Seek him out and make amends.

    That's not exactly a bitch move per say, but it certainly gives him the impression that you are two-timing bitch.

  • he didn't give you the time of day. so you went on with your life. was he expecting you to sit and wait for him? I don't see why you should feel bad. and you didn't do it intentionally so there's no reason you should feel bad :)


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