If you just started seeing someone, but have a little 'treat' on the side?

continue messing around or end it as soon as you start dating someone? Or at least see where new person leads and take it from there?

OK let me clarify that I *might* be the girl on the side,I'm not sure. I mean,the signs are there-takes over 12hrs. to get back to me,we were sexting earlier then all of a sudden he stopped.

I dunno..I know he has a job that keeps him busy,but still...I guess we shall see.


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  • I would say just quit it and if you can't, you shouldn't have started dating the guy in the first place. Would he like it if some day you and him get real close and he finds out that you were hooking up with someone in your initial dating stage? He would not even look at you thinking that all you wanted wanted was sex and could not let yourself off of it until he proved that he was capable of the same. Peace.

    • Hey I'm not talking about me,lol A guy I'm going to be hooking up with may/may not be dating someone.

      I just wanted to get every ones take on it.

    • Oh okay...lol. But it should be ended right away regardless of the situation. Its just not right.

    • I agree. I could be wrong,but we'll see.


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  • Hold onto your side candy, till you know where its going.


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  • if you're the 'someone on the side' NO WAY!

    surely you can do better than being his second best!?

  • The way I see it, you're not exclusive until you discuss it.