Great first what?

Ugh, story of my life.

I went on a great date last night. The gentleman and I met online and I suggested we have drinks. The guy was nice and funny and we pretty much hung out for 5 hours.

But, of course I'm over thinking it now, after the fact!

So, this morning, I texted him just to say thank you and make a quick reference to an ongoing joke we'd had. I didn't suggest a second date, since I figured I should let him make that move. He texted me backed a couple hours later, which was just to banter back with another reference to the joke. So, I bantered back again and haven't heard back since (this was a couple hours ago).

My question is this...because I insisted (gently) on helping him pay for food/drinks and because I texted first...does that automatically cut down my chances of getting a second date?

Guys, what would you do if you had a girl like me? Would my actions be considered unattractive?

It's probably too early to tell and, as I said, I'm over thinking things

I still haven't heard anything other than the text I mentioned in my original post!

Should I try texting him?

If so, what should I say?


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  • It could be the guy isn't interested or is still on the edge... Maybe he needs some time to think or maybe he's just busy or can't think of something to say (shy maybe?). Anyway, from my p.o.v. I would certainly dig what you did. I mean I have no problem with paying for the dinner myself, but if a girl asks to pay a bit it's a good sign imo (would still pay for it myself but still, it's a kind gesture ^^). And texting him first is also a great thing cause it shows to him that you are interested in him. You're doing fine, but like I said, it could be he isn't interested. (though for you, I hope he is ;))

    Leeme know how it went =)


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  • If a guy likes you, no matter what you do (within reason, of course), you will get a second date.

    Don't play the date over and over in your head and start analyzing/doubting every thing you did and said. :)

  • It's way too early to tell, and you've done nothing that would be a deal-breaker. (In fact, your text message will most likely be interpreted as a sign of interest.) If he's interested, he'll ask you out again; you just need to be patient.


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  • Do not text him again. You did what you needed to show interest. If he's feeling the same, he'll contact you. If a guy likes you enough, he'll work hard to get you. I'd focus on other dudes for now.

  • Relax take a breath he will contact you back he is thinking of what to say next on the on going joke he will contact you you got him stumped he is thinking of what to say