Secret handshake, good step forward? Or back?

So I try flirting (and I'm terrible at it, mind you) with crush. My friend jokingly did a handshake with him for fun. So when I left to go to catch the bus, I said "don't I get a secret handshake?" and he sort of zoned out and said "I have to think of a good one". I did get a high five though. Later I texted him, and he randomly mentioned he thought of one (at least he's thinking of me, right?). Good or bad? And if bad, suggestions?


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  • That's cool bro, now you can be one of the guys :)

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    • Be a man and just do it, grab him, what's he gonna do?

    • I know, you're right. I just don't know a good circumstance to hug him

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