People always get the wrong impression?

Guys rarely approach me and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm attractive and outgoing and get along with people well. But when I find out what someone's first impression (by first impression I mean first time they ever saw me) of me was, I always get these: Stuck up, confident, bitch, oh and direct quote here, "Screw off sign on your forehead". After people get to know me they always say that I'm nothing like their first impression of me was. I don't mean to look that way and people who know me well enough know that I'm not. So long story short, I am hardly ever approached by guys. I'm guessing it's because of the way I appear, but I never notice it! And I wouldn't know how to fix it either. Help?


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  • Some girls have that vibe about them, and while it's pretty charming for some of us guys who have a glutton for punishment, we usually get told to f*** off because she's got a attitude. So, we learn quickly to avoid the pain.

    • Well that sucks for me then.

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    • Haha, she accepted!

    • That's great, hope all goes well :)


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  • Maybe you're just a pretty girl, most pretty girls are stuck-up bitches lol.

  • work on your default facial expression?..look in the mirrow..try to relax your face and maybe look more relaxed or soemthing


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  • Well, do you know what is making you come off that way to people?

    -Is it because of your attitude? or is it because of the way you look?

    When people look a certain way others have a way of judging them based off of their appearance.

    For ex.

    If I was a girl who wore very revealing outfits.

    I would get labeled a slut.

    or if I'm a girl who seems very high maintenance

    I'd get labeled spoiled brat or snotty.

    If it is your appearance, then just continue proving people wrong.

    Show them that there is more to you than the way you look!

    • I know it's not how I dress, I always dress fashionably but decent. And I never overload on the makeup either, powder and mascara, that's it. And like I said, people would generally get those impressions just from seeing me for the first time, not even from talking to me, which when I do I am polite and friendly.

    • Maybe its because you are naturally pretty girl which boys feel intimated by. When someone looks very good, in some cases they have a not so pleasant attitude to go with it. That's just a false assumption people make off of you. Just continue to prove them wrong! and show them that you can't base someones you don't know off of appearance.

    • I'd rather they weren't but I guess I can't really fix it. Thank you, I suppose I'll have to work with what I've got :)

  • if you're attractive, but not outwardly warm and welcoming, people will think your stuck up because they are assigning their own insecurities to you. pretty girls are intimidating to girls and guys so they judge you to make themselves feel better

  • Maybe you try to hard when you first meet someone to come off as nice, and that comes off as fake (fake often comes off as stuck up, conceited, bitch etc). Try to not think too much about how other people see you, that way you'll come off as more genuine, approachable, and real.