When do you just not bother anymore?

If you try to contact people, and they barely get back to you... still try? Even if it rare, the effort is kinda there. We used to talk more, now it is so little. Not sure if I should things as they are, try to gradually make contact more often, or just forget the whole thing. Cutting all ties completely at this point seems harsh. Yet it seems so close to that right now.


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  • If I'm the only one who makes effort to keep the relationship going, then naturally I'll drop it after a while. It's unfair.

    You should back off until they realize whether they miss you or not. If they didn't contact you back, then you meant nothing to them from the very beginning.


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  • I think you probably know when a person isn't interested in being a friend. Why not stop and see if they contact you.

    • They could be depressed though. There's too many reasons why people might cease contact for this to be a good indicator.

  • This is highly dependent on factors you're not telling us like how "often" is often. If you used to talk daily and now you talk biweekly and you're talking about perhaps a busy individual then yeah maybe you should uh reconsider how upset you are but then again if you send an email and hear back a month later and they aren't busy then well ... Yeah it's something we can't determine reasonably because this lacks a true frequency for judgment.


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  • Well I were you...after trying to be in contact after couple of times I wouldn't bother.ever.

    I mean a person who is interested will get back to you eventually and who isn't will ignore you...so you should try to understand the unsaid.

    • Usually I'm replied to. It does take longer now. This is a person I know is busy.