I want to be with her or at least be on good terms and have her in my life.

I was at a point in my life where I had just given up on girls, when a young girl (18) saw me in church back home, an hr away. The next week she had her parents introduce us. I thought she was very cute and attractive, so we dated for a brief bit (3-4 months). The first few months were great, She was happy and of course I was. However, I went to go pick her up one night for a date and discovered that she had been talking to a few "guy friends" of mine on fb. I was skeptical of two of them. I told her that but I didn't try to control her and I was respectful about it. She seemed to get bitchier and bitchier towards me the last month and a half and we initially called it off in late September. I discovered her tweets the next Monday and she had been talking to one of the two guy friends from fb for about 2 weeks. She and he had removed me from fb. He won't respond to any of my calls or texts, doesn't have the balls to come talk to me about it and just turned 21. I've never been so down and blue or sick to my stomach. I don't understand why she burnt me like that. I busted my tail to make her happy. She'd get very distant and clam up when she didn't like something and towards the end, got to take things I said out of context. I want to be with her or at least be on good terms and have her in my life. Can anyone tell me why this might have happened? I'm left in t he dark here with all sorts of questions and I don't know why, especially from a church girl who thought "i hung the moon"


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  • It seems to me like she chose the other guy. Don't feel bad about it, you didn't do anything wrong, it's just have love works sometimes. Getting over her might take a while, but you'll find another girl who is smart enough to choose you over anybody else.

  • It's simple my man, she interested in someone else. You probably did nothing wrong, she just met someone that she chose to be with instead of you, it happens. He's not going to answer youtr texts because he know what he did behind your back. He's not your friend, friends don't do that sort of stuff to a friend. If I was you I would try to forget her and move on, it's going to be hard but you can do it. If she feels the way you do about the relationship she would have done it. Good luck!