Friends only text you when you're single?

guys, do you notice when girls or I guess girls who are your friends only text you when you're single? if you do notice this what's your opinion about it/them?


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  • I pay close attention to all details and sorts of changes in actions, I do tend to notice that. If a girl I barely talks to me when I'm in a relationship all of sudden wants to talk to me daily is a sign she's probably interested in me or disliked my girlfriend very much, or both. I noticed this when my Crush at the time was talking to me more often when I broke up with my girlfriend and so did many of my other female friends. Oh well =D


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  • well most guys think that its becouse your girls who are friends thinks you have to spend a lot of time with the girl txting her and such that you whould forget about there texts and not answer back ether that or they like you but don't want to let it on or they don't want to hear you talk about your girlfriend to them since it anoys some girls but that's my opinion anyway

    also great pic

  • aww you are so cute chubs! You can treat your guy friends how you want!

    • haha thankss? :)

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    • oh and no guy has flat out ever told me I was cute/pretty before. so youd probs be the first. haha.

    • hehe, I like chubby girls. they are adorable!

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  • lol yeah they do. not only will they notice, they'll talk about it with all their friends.

    • haha thanks. I didn't know if they notice or not. because I know some girls can show they really really like a boy and they don't even notice. so I was just wondering if this is something they notice too.

    • yep yep. :)