What does this mean about me or her?

so I've been talking to this girl for a week and I'm always the first one to text or start the conversation but when we text we will text for hours like all day. but since I always text first does this mean she doesn't want to talk?(but we end up texting all day) and I didn't text her today and she didn't text me could she be getting the wrong idea? this is actually 2 questions


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  • Girls like to know that the guy is thinking of them, and they know that by the man texting them first. And she could possibly just be waiting for you to text her, she might give a thought about why you didn't text though. I don't think the wrong idea would come across


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  • what I've found out about texting is that to girls it really is basically nothing. I don't know if this is your specific problem, but I always felt that if I sent a girl a text it became personal, and that if I text her first maybe she'll think I'm being eager / clingy.

    but then the girl texted me first one evening and I didn't feel any sucsess or anything. And I just realised... oh, texting first really isn't a sure sign of liking someone :D they just wanted to talk.

    So "no be a man" comments or anything from me. Just simply put, a girl will not consider a guy texting her first to be any form of communicating likeness or clingyness or whatever. They just don't care XD Now what you say of course is hugely important so be nice blah blah :D