Drunk texts?

so I drunk texted a guy for a booty call, I said the booty call offer ends at 3am and he said sounds good but then when I ask for where I should go he said his house was to heat, he has roommates but I don't see that as a issue cause one time we had sex during a bbq and all his friends were there, then I was texting common you not really gonna make go home alone and stuff like that and then he was like I have my girl here please stop so I said why did you even respond I won't text you ever again. but the thing is why did he even answer


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  • I think, to start with he was interested, but as soon as you came across as needy and a offering it a little to easy, it turned him off, guys are sometimes very catious of women who just want sex, because a lot of us can't have sex unless there's some emotions involved, so maybe be a little less offering next time, and just flirt a lot, and when your face to face, touch a lot, but never just come out and say, "fancy a f***" not something blokes take as a compliment from a girl,x


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  • It does not matter. He is an a**hole. Not worth your time, find a new one.