Cute and nice girls lose?

I'm not bragging here, but I'm just giving context. I've been told so many times by many different people, girls and guys, that I'm the nicest person they've ever met. I've been asked if I ever get angry or if I've ever lied. People also say how innocent I am. If anyone teases me or accidentally trips me etc. someone always gives them a hard time for it. Also, people say I'm cute. I have friends and am well liked.

Despite all of this, no one has ever asked me out. I was just wondering if that strikes anyone else as strange or if anyone can offer an explanation. Also, do any other girls have the same thing happen to them?


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  • To some people, "innocent" girls might seem boring to some guys.

    Especially since you are high school. People barely have any dating experience yet and are too wimpy to ask any girl out. It is the "not so innocent" girls that stand out a bit more to people and are more easily approached.


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  • No, not strange. Unfortunately, and this is a fairly common answer that I give, the "good" guys and girls are often hidden in plain sight. Especially if you're shy. It might help if you try to approach a guy and flirt with him. Be careful, though. Observe how he treats other girls first and THEN make your move.


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  • u don't seem like you'd put out. your in high school, those are the kinds of girls that guys are dating lol

    • Thanks, you're probably right! Does this change after high school?