Should I say anything or am I making too much out of it?

My boyfriend doesn't text me as much as he use to anymore. He doesn't send those sweets little texts that every girl wants and enjoys getting. We haven't even been dating that long and it seems like he's already changing.

I feel like I'm asking to much out of him, all I want is the little things like a sweet text. It seems like I always have to be the one to talk to him first... I want him to want me and for him to show me he does.

Should I talk to him and tell him how I feel, or just leave it all alone? I haven't said anything to him about it yet.


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  • The "honeymoon" period is starting to end. The beginning of every relationship is fun and exciting, and both people put on their absolute best faces. Once you start to get used to each other, it becomes more difficult to naturally put that face on.

    If you start out as just friends, usually the honeymoon period lasts much longer, and only marginally slows down afterward. A good friendship is a major crutch to fall back on with a relationship. This is opposed to a physical attraction, which is like a fire that burns out over time.


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  • NO talking. Just suck his d*** more often and he'll go back to his sweet self.


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  • how long have you been dating for?

    • only like 2 weeks. not long at all.

    • it's unsual for things to fizzle out that quickly... maybe he's waiting for some sweet texts from you ?