I like this guy, but I have a boyfriend. HELP

My bf= "Luke"

Guy I like = "Matt"

The thing is, I've never had any real feelings for my boyfriend, so I don't see it as a big deal that I like Matt. But he does, which makes me feel bad. I've been dating Luke for three months now and I'm not sure it's even going to last the end of this year. But even if Luke and I DO break up, we all go to the same school and Luke and Matt talk to each other on a daily basis :/ they're "kind of friends". I sit next to Matt in my fourth hour and we all sit next to each other during lunch. Luke tells me he thinks Matt's funny, but cocky and talks a lot of sh*t. Matt tells me he thinks Luke is a nice guy, but he's cocky and never backs up his words with actions. So they both think each others cocky. I haven't had this kind of crush on a boy since fourth grade. Should... I go for it? I was thinking of waiting and seeing what happens. One way or another, Luke is going to cause me to break up with him. I just don't think it should be because I want another guy, 'cuz that makes me seem like a whore. Which yeah, I guess I'm not the best girlfriend, but that's way extreme, especially if I don't get the guy I'm mega crushing on =(

So, girls, guys, can I get some advice here?

Matt already knows I'm not as in love with Luke as Luke says I am.


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  • I'm afraid you'll have to move slowly toward Matt, spend more time alone with Matt & help Luke find something/someone else to do to occupy his schedule, make the time gap from you less painful. A foursome needs to be created with some gal that would love to spend more time with Luke. At first, she could be "Matt's date/friend/cousin/whatever" as you all be gin to hang out. Take it slowly and things should work out your way and the gang all stays friends, with Luke worried that he might hurt YOUR feelings by becoming more distant.


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  • why stay with the guy if you know you're going to break up with him eventually. you obviously aren't that into him. break up with him and see what this other guy does. don't immediately start dating him though, especially since they're "kind of friends". they will probably be "kind of enemies" if you start dating the other guy. so just break up with him and see what happens between you two.

    • But I'm afraid if I do break up with luke that Matt won't talk to me as much :/

    • so? my point is why are you staying with a guy that you don't like? unless you're honestly considering cheating on him, nothing more than casual flirting is going to happen between you and the other guy as long as you have a boyfriend.

  • If you don't have feelings for your boyfriend then, why in the hell are you with him? Just out of convience? Seriously, I mean you should just brake it off if this is how you trully feel and pursue something with Matt? Eitherway it's going to look bad for you.

  • Don't become a cheating bitch.


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  • Regardless of whether you like another guy or not, you shouldn't be with someone you're not crazy about...

  • Girl, break up with that one guy. You are doing nothing but stringing him along and that is just a drown right horrible thing to do to anyone.