Speed dating....would it be pathetic?

a friend of a friend just opened his own match making business and he's having a speed dating event. I kinda want to go cause I do want to find someone, but do you think it would be beyond pathetic if I went? lol...be kind in your comments please

ps -- I just started grad school and it seems like half of the guys are already in a relationship and the other half is married. it's hard to meet people


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  • As long as you're fine with it, go for it! Who cares what others think? The only thing I'd recommend is that you be outgoing. Given that you'll only have a few minutes to promote yourself, shyness won't help here. Then again, if you were shy, you probably wouldn't agree to do it in the first place.

    Have fun, and I hope you find that special guy!

    • have you ever done it?

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    • haha. I might jsut do that

    • Please let me know how it goes! And thanks for the BA. *blushes*


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  • If you go and meet someone, you've just made yourself and some guy happy for a while. Who cares what other people think? I say go for it.


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  • I was actually thinking about seeing if I could find a speed dating thing. I just graduated and luckily I have a job now...unfortunately everyone I work with is married with kids, no on ever walks into my office under the age of 40 (except for peoples kids), and it seems like most people in building and the surrounding buildings are older and/or married.

    • exactly. the "real" world sucks wwhen it comes to dating

    • The real world sucks for almost everything, I would kill to have my college social life back

    • i'm with ya

  • That sounds like so much fun! Go! It isn't pathetic, and I'm sure either way it will be a neat experience; something to say you tried once.

  • It would probably be an interesting experience, but I don't think the guys you'll meet speed dating will be worth your time.