Dating and age differences?

He's 18 and I'm 16, what should I do? I went to a party last night, met this guy, he seemed like a generally nice guy. I caught him watching me several times and I would smile. Anyway I would of got with him but I didn't want him to think I was some silly, slightly tipsy, hormonal 16 year old girl throwing herself at him.

I added him on Facebook and wouldn't mind saying hello, get to know him better but I'm worried he'll just see me as a silly 16 year old.


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  • omg I'm an this sounds like the exact other end of my question I asked at a party I met a girl two years younger and so did my mate and this sounds like the exact same situation and her name was alice hmmnnnn I think you should go for it girl he will go out with you if you kept glancing at each other, just out of interest, not to intrude which county of uk do you live in just to make sure your not who I think you are


What Girls Said 1

  • The difference isn't so big. In a few years you will probably want them way more than two years older