Why ignore a girls text?

Guys who ignore a girls text? Why do you do it? This guy will text me and then randomly not text me back. Sometimes he will say he forgot(if I ask him a few days later), but in general when you receive a message, why don't you text back?


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  • Well me personally I would only not text a girl back if I didn't like them at all or I would unmeaningly get distracted by something and take forever to text them back and say sorry for taking so long


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  • Think about what you're texting him... Does it really need an answer? If not, once guys start getting older they will reply less. If he's texting you first he most likely likes you.

    Also, some guys do this to see if you're interested, clingy, desperate... It can also make them look aloof and make you more interested. I know some guys do this to test girls for many reasons, some good some bad. If they find them clingy they'll leave. The other motives are normally to see if you're interested or to make you interested.

    Oh, and sometimes they think, "oh, I'll respond in a minute" and then forget. If he texts you, text him back but don't stress over it. =)