Making friends with people who don't college party?


So I think I made a big, yet a late decision that I am not a party person. For 2 years of my college undergrad year, I've tried to change myself because I felt people who don't like to party are social outcast. I've tried to force myself to enjoy parties because I thought if I keep going, I may slowly change myself to enjoy the setting. It was at a Halloween party that I had to admit to myself that I can no longer pretend to enjoy parties. Not to confuse you, I am not an introvert. I enjoy making new friends and can take initiation. I just can't simply be social in parties because its too much focus for me to deal with a lot of strangers at once.

Q-> Now I need help on what I should do first. I didn't make a whole lot of friends during my last two years. They are more like acquaintances and I don't think they will make the first move to reach out to me. How am I suppose to know which people like to party hard and which don't? and if I do find some people, how should I let them know that I would like to hang out with them?


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  • I suggest joining professional clubs and hanging out with the people you meet there. Professional clubs are those organizations at your university that deal with your major and that help you in your career goals. The most important aspect of those clubs is the networking that you get to do there. It could be a tight knit community which sounds like you would be comfortable with. Even if it's a bigger community you can usually find those that share the same interests as you do.


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  • I would say just be yourself and not try to be someone you aren't. Join some clubs that interest you and surround yourself with people that enjoy the same things as you. Soon enough you will make some great friends. Also another good thing for getting some friends is on the weekend join in on a football or soccer little skirmish for fun! Just do stuff you like to do and you will find friends along the way.