Which guy should I date?

i really like this guy when I was still in high school, sometimes he gives me hints that he likes me. but I still heard rumors about the girl she likes. so I just kind of let go of him. then I went to college, for those years I still like the guy. now, I have this friend in college whom I could trust, I could get along with, and previously he's been showing me hints, which I like, (he still did not confess but I know). but then just when I thought I could be in a relationship with that guy, the guy from my high school says he likes me. for how many years, he said. he just don't have the courage to say that he likes me for all those years. now I'm in a mess. I don't know what to do. I like them both. just that I don't know who I like better.


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  • go with the guy that you're telling yourself that you want more. There is definitely always one guy you like to be with mor eits just that he may be missing a trait that the other guy has. Go with the guy you like.

    same thing happened to me a while ago and funny thing was my friends sat down and wrote 2 lists of pros and cons for each guy and I chose based on what they could offer me-bad move. secretively I liked the guy who wasn't as consistant and he was actually the one who genuinely liked me the other guy was using me as a fling showing me just his good sides.

    trust your instincts theyre always right:)

    • thank you, I will. maybe I should give this I little more time :)


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  • the guy from college seems like a new start. how long have you known him? the guy from high school could just be telling you what you want to hear.

    • i've known the guy for about 1 year. the other guy from high school, I'vve known him since I was in high school. we still communicate with the guy from high school

    • i'd recommend that you should understand the guy from college first. the high school friend could wait if he really likes you. after all you need to understand what the relationship of it all means. try the guy from college and if things don't work out then you have the high school friend.

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  • What I do when I can't decide is pick one of the options, or get someone else to pick one of your options. If you think you should do what someone else says because its right then you might listen to them but you will know if you really want the option they chose or didn't choose. For example if you like a pink and a blue dress and you can't decide so you ask your friend. She says the blue one and even though you like it you don't want it because you actually want the pink one. Try that it always seems to work for me. The only time you shouldn't do this is if one of the guys is a bad guy even if you like him don't try for it because the consequences could be saddening