Do girls get annoyed if a guy talks to them once a day?

Hey guys, what's the best number of times to talk/text/call a girl a week? I like to wait around 2 days between talking to a girl I like so she has some space but doesn't forget about me at the same time, but I feel like when I do this we kind of move too slow. It could be because my conversations are usually kind of short because I want to avoid having too long of a conversation with them (as you can see I don't want to annoy the girl ...) so what works for you guys? And how long should our conversations be anyway? Thanks


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  • It really depends on the girl to be honest . long conversations can be great as long as it is interesting and both people are actually making an effort to keep it going . if she`s not trying , it`s probably best to drop it a bit .

    same with how often you should talk to her , it depends . if she has interest in you at all , then every couple of days (like you said) is good , maybe try twice in a row then wait the two days again to see how that works . & if you really want to know how often she wants to talk then playfully ask how much she likes talking or texting you . then there`s your answer

    I hope this helps ! Good Luck (:


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  • You should try to follow the natural flow of the conversation and just do what your gut tells you instead of treating every situation the same. I think 2 days seems a little distant, but it'd best to experiment to see how they react. Every girl is different.

  • If it's a guy I like, I don't mind how many times he talks to me in a day or how long he talks to me. As long as he knows his boundaries and does not disturb me if I'm doing something important. :D

  • When it comes to me, if a guy talks to me everyday I will instantly find him very boring.

    I think 2-4 days in-between chats is good, and I also like when he lets me start the conversation. (I like to take it in turns when it comes to staring conversations, so neither one seems too desperate).

  • don't text. Call and make plans to hang out, but don't have conversations over text...thats just...immature and needy. Call when you want to hang out but not really more than that.

  • Texting is good. Don't call too much because it does get annoying I personally loveeee texting and the guys that I talk to text me a lot. Try it (:


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