How to deal with terrible kisser? How should I tell him?

OK my problem is that I've been seeing this great guy for a couple of months and he kisses me not much better than my dog does XD

I've tried taking control of the kiss but he simply won't have it, he takes it as encouragement. I've tried asking him to let me kiss him first but he's not picking it up and following my lead, he simply goes back to how he kissed me before.

I have to say something or do something because it's making it hard for me to enjoy kissing him. But how would I let him know without hurting his ego? Guys how would you prefer to be told? Anyone experienced this before and how did you manage to sort it out?


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  • you need to tell him to follow your lead when you kiss and that he needs to be less aggressive and less nervous, tell him you'll teach him lol


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  • tie him up :D

  • tell him: kissing like this:explain how you like it: makes me hot.

  • i would like the girl to say "hehe you're a bad kisser" (flirty though) and say "dont worry ill show you how" then tell him to let you kiss hime first


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