When should I worry about him not responding?

I know he's busy with 2 jobs & going to school, but it's been about 4 days since he's said anything to me. I went and brought him homemade cookies to his work and he sat and talked with me for a long time and when I left, he even kinda mumbled he loved me as I left (I got a little greedy I guess, he doesn't say it all the time anymore, but won't if I try and get him to say it, it's always when I don't expect it). While I was there, he brought up that his friends who moved to another state wanted him to move, too and I was sad Because I felt he would move if he wasn't stuck here and leave me (but I guess telling me the story in the first place means he considered me, too...) I went home and texted him that I made it and that I don't know why the whole moving thing bugs me so much, I guess Because it's like he didn't consider me and he never said anything back. I'm kinda woriried he's angry, so he's not talking to me...


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  • He's thinking about things to say. He's not angry, I suppose.

    Just give him time and in the mean time, relax :)