Hiding your real dating status, why?

I met this guy online but he is not telling me the truth if he is single or not. He is a celebrity and plays in a soap. I know he likes me from our conversation and as he is a celebrity google was a great help. He is dating but to me, I just want to know why he is hiding about his status?


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  • Most probably, he's hiding a lot of other things, not just his status :)

    • Yeah he is probably hiding other things as well, sorry mate.

    • Yeah probably but that's OK I think. Everyone has a past.


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  • Don't you think he probably has a girlfriend? How many celebs need to go on-line to find a girlfriend? Did you ever think about that? lol He meets women all the time who are "special" so don't get yourself all caught up in the "I know he likes me" thing. Sorry, but it may not even be him. Plenty of guys impersonate those celebs you know.

  • there could be a lot of reasons why.

    • Why? I just want to know before getting too involved