What's your annoying date question(s)?

1. When guys ask me "So, you like ____ guys?" I hear this mainly when I'm dating guys outside of my race.

"So, You like white guys?" "You like black guys?"

Maybe my issue is just that I don’t like stupid questions. If you are White and I’ve agreed to go on a date with you.

Wouldn't it occur to you that your race isn’t important to me? I’m not going to go out with a White guy only to tell him “No, I do not like White guys.”

2. Guys would ask "Why are you single?" The same reason you're single.. - I don't have a boyfriend and you don't have a girlfriend.

I hate this question with a passion. Do you men expect a different answer? I mean, I might as well go ahead and tell you why I'm single 'I'm unattractive, no guys take interest in me.', 'I'm single because I refuse to be a slut'.. I'm starting to probe every guy who uses it.

Those are my 2 most annoying questions.. and rant...

What are your most weird, offensive and/or awkward questions you've been asked?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I always ask that 1st question but I never look at the ANSWER I look at how well she handles it.

    As for annoying questions, I HATE taking surveys.

    "omg what's your fav color? wuts yo fav food? do you like Tuesday?"

    Not only are they hardly indicative of our compatibility (oh, but liking red means you're aggressive and player!), but they are irrelevant and best answered as we move along the relationship.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I asked one myself as a joke but I don't see any point in these race questions. "Do white guys like korean girls?" "How come no one likes me cause I'm ____". Race questions are annoying. Most people say 1 thing but when they see and attractive person, they are attractive no matter what their race is.

  • the why are you single question is annoying. I normally say because apparently I'm not boyfriend material.

    This isn't a date question but the "way don't we hang out anymore" questions gets annoying real quick.

  • I'm guilty of asking the first question. I usually ask girls with NO black friends or associates that. I also had people ask me "why are am I single" questions before. It's not really annoying.

  • How rich are you?


What Girls Said 1

  • that is absolutely so true! those two questions do my head in.