Texting, am I annoying her?

there is this girl at my school who I really like I finally gave her my number to text me sometime she said that she didn't want to be first to text and said I should text her first. I texted her and sent like 4 texts back and forth before she quit texting me the next day I told her she should text me... she did but just like last time she quit after a few texts, The next day she texted me and again only a few texts.. the day after that she texted me again and the same thing happened after that I decided to text her and she never texted me back am I annoying her?


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  • Whatever you do don't give up hope. Just give it a week and try again, unless she texts you first. Good luck with her. :)


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  • Maybe, just don't text her for a while and see what happens


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  • um. judging by her reaction- she doesn't want to talk to you. maybe she doesn't like you. or maybe somethings going on in her life. wait a week, then text her and see what happens.