Dating an ex-boyfriend's friend? Tricky

So I dated my ex for 9 months. We broke up because he took me for granted, wanted to hook up with other girls inc me and lied about leaving university (he had no intentions of leaving just said that as an excuse to keep me around.) Anyways during our time dating I always hung out with him and his friends (we didn't have a lot of one on one time alone.) As a result I became very good friends with his friends and I continue to hang out with them 6 months after the break up, we party , play video games, they hug me when they see me, text me etc etc

A few of them have started hitting on me, asking me to the movies, making comments about how "sexy and chill I am." I've started to really enjoy the company of Andrew and I'm just wondering how I should approach this. I don't really speak to my ex and at one pt he was after another distant friend of mine. Thoughts?


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  • wow , why can't you just date another guy, that's your ex boyfriend friend, certain things you just don't do and that's one of them, how low can you go, I have no respect for you , leave that guy alone


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  • It would be a lot of drama depending on how your ex would react. But if you like him then forget what your ex wants. Don't let him determine your happiness.