Don't just want a hookup?

I'm 18 and I want an actual relationship - one where you say nice things to each other, help each other when your sad, do things together, like take walks, or go to parks, or just whatever, go to movies.

i don't want a relationship where the boy comes over at 10 PM and we hangout in my basement making out and he wants sex no. I don't wanna feel trapped and confined, I want a healthy relationship.

this seems too much to ask. is it true I should just wait till I'm done with college to date? because I keep getting hurt when I try to date, the boy wants sex right away, I say no and he dumps me :(((((


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  • Don't have sex 'right away' just because he wants to. If you are interested, long term, in a sexual relationship, then tell him so. If you think sex is something that isn't core, a lot of guys your age (and less the older you get) will not feel the same way. Let me be _very_ clear, I'm not trying to suggest you have sex sooner, I'm saying if you like a guy and he seems to like you for not JUST sex, you communicate to him what you feel, what 'waiting' means to you, what kind of relationship you see longer term. If you never want to go beyond the walking/parks/handholding at the movies stage, not many guys will be interested. If you want all those plus some kind of sexual activity, a lot more guys might want the same thing.


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  • Keep saying no and dump them, because the guy that matters won't ask for sex, and will give you al you desire, but to be patient for this is everything, because if this is what you desire, then wait, it will be worth it,x

  • Dont worry just wait for a guy to come in your life for whom you would walk on burning coal, catch a grenade... whatever... your true love.. your soul mate.. you'll get one day... because I waited and I got. = )


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