Should I ask him what the deal is?

I met a guy from a dating website in person and we really hit it off, this was 3 months ago, we were talking or texting almost every day. He was always tells me he is super busy and his job is demanding and I get that, my job is pretty demanding also. So we had time when he would keep rejecting the plans I would propose to him and after the 3rd time I told him I wasn't going to wait for him and he could find me when he was ready, long story short we had a good month last month and he said he was going to try harder in September where we saw each other almost every week and he said he wanted to take me on a real date. Now it's November. He told me he had to get a new phone and it took him some time, 3 weeks to be exact and in that time we chatted online twice. he kept saying how he wasn't ignoring me and he missed me and what not. The other day he texted me at 2 in the morning and said he had a new phone and clearly he was drunk.

I texted him the next day and he responded when I asked him how his night was and then said asked him if he remembered texting me and he didn't, laughed and then he just stopped responding. I messaged him today and he was said I'm just super busy, how are you? I told him and I said are we cool? He said "that's good." completely ignoring my question and then stopped responding! So I am at a point where I don't know what I should do! Should I just move on? I honestly feel like it's stressing me out to try and even get a minute of his time! Should I ask him what the deal is or just say so long?


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  • Do yourself a favor and FORGET him. Remember, if a guy is really into you, he will always make time for you. And the fact that he didn't have a phone for 3 weeks? That would not stop a guy who was genuinely interested in you. Don't waste your time, your youth, and your prettiness on a guy who doesn't really seem to care. And the fact that he just stops responding and cuts the conversation short is totally rude and shows that he's running the whole thing. Don't let him get away with doing the minimum to keep stringing you along. You can do better than that. He might have liked you in the beginning, but it has fizzled out...and he's going to do it to the next girl. Cut your losses and be glad you didn't waste any more time on this loser.


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  • Move on girl! If he makes no time for you then he's not even worth your time! Sounds to me like he has something else going on in his life, perhaps he's talking to someone else... That's just my opinion I think if you really like someone you'll find time no matter what.. Let him chase you don't even bother txting him again..

  • He is playing games and you really should move on... don't get hung up on him. Go out with your friends, meet other guys, and have fun. When he tries to contact you, don't respond immediately... make him wonder and show him that you have a life and it doesn't revolve around him!