He had no limitations towards you, or she had no limitations.

A guy asks you out on a date, but he has one demand, it has to be the perfect date, the one you will never forget, if there's a first date experience you would like to have, and this guy could deliver, what would it be, what would you do, where would you go, Express your perfect first date. Guys express yours aswell.


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  • My perfect first date would be quite old school. He picks me up from home. We go for dinner or drinks. We have great conversation and flirt a lot with our eyes. I want to see in his eyes that he likes me and that he finds me beautiful.

    • So perfection to you is in HIS eyes, so what happens if when he takes you out he wears sunnies, lol. I want your perfect date without any barriers, a fantasy date that has a possibility of becoming true, express to me youe desire of what one man could do for you to make this first date perfect if offered,x

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    • I think I would actually be put off by him going overboard and being as extravagant as hiring a whole island. I would think 'that don't impress me much'. I would be more impressed by a gentleman who opens the car door for me than by a guy who shows off by spending lots of money on islands and bands. Just show me who you are - that should be enough for me to like you. For me love needs to be pure and simple and the perfect first date should reflect that. The best things in life are free ;)

    • A very well established response, I don't think anyone could complain with that as a perfect first date insight,x

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  • I'd like him to step out of a hot bath and open his door to me wearing only a pair of pretty embroidered lace panties. After that I'd like to make out and tease him a bit. No penetration on our first date of course!

  • The perfect date to me is just to be with the person I love. Nothing more.

    • But its the first date, so you don't know if your able to love him yet or not,x

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    • Awesome I am glad for you both. :)

    • Oh don't be, this was some time ago, were no longer acqaintances, but the moment still awaits trial lol, just wondered with women out there waiting for that moment, what is exactly your moment,?

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