Hot girls - how long do you date?

This question is for you hotties out there that have a lot of guys chasing you.

I've been seeing a hotty for a couple of months now, I'm starting to really like her, and because of that I tend to get jealous when she talks to other dudes.

Yes, it's stupid that I get jealous because she's hot and will have guys chasing her forever, but I just can't help it lol. She knows I get jealous and I think it bugs her.

For you hotties, how do you actually choose 1 guy and stick to him when you have so many guys chasing you? I obviously am better than any guy chasing her because she's still with me and likes me the most, but I just can't help feel that some time in the future she might find a better dude... That's just my main worry.

Truth is, most guys and girls won't understand this question - only us guys that date the really hot women will, and only you girls that are really hot with tons of guys chasing.


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  • OK, I don't see myself as a hottie but do have guys trying to chat me up.

    1 piece of advice I would give you, is don't act jealous! I have been going out with my guy for almost 2 years and I always wonder if he gets jealous when other guys chat to me. He never seems to be jealous and that's what makes me want him even more. Because he doesn't seem to care, I try extra hard to get HIS attention.

    If a girl really loves a guy she will ONLY see that guy. For me, I notice other guys and think "yeah they're cute or good looking" but that's it. You've got to trust your girl and she in turn will re assure you that she only likes you.

    • Yea, I really gotta work on not getting jealous. I feel selfish wishing that she should only be talking to me and no one else... I'm stupid for getting jealous. You're totally right, I gotta stop this sh*t now. She knows I want her. I know she wants me. So your man doesn't get jealous at all? Or is he just good at hiding it?

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    • OK thanks that makes sense to me and some girls or some women do try to make a guy jealous to see does he truly loves her or not and does he care about her or not since some women or some girls use the immature jealous test what's up with that may I ask that as well and I agree with your answer you gave me

    • It's probably because they are insecure themselves DragonLord and are basically justifying how they feel based on how men see them. I did have friends like this but in the end they were so shallow that I didn't want to be friends with them anymore.

      A personality should always win over a persons looks and if it's anything different, maybe question why? :)

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  • well I don't personally see myself as a "hottie" but, I do have a lot of guys chasing me at any particular time.. I've had a boyfriend for about 3 years. :) 100% faithful. Guys will try to hit on me, and I am polite and I don't like to make to big of a scene, so I won't tell them to F*ck off or anything, but. I'll try to get the conversation on another direction and stuff.

    My boyfriend is always worried about other guys, just because of the numbers, but.. he's the only guy I want, and if I didn't he'd know. so don't worry! she's with you for a reason :)

  • im I GUESS considered a hot girl. and I know hot girls. we just date the hottest guy who treats us good. or that's what I do. I want a guy who makes me laugh and feel special and the guys I've dated have beeen hot and made me feel good. also treat her right, or she'll dump you for someone who treats her good :)

  • There are always a lot of guys chasing me who only want to have sex. I choose the guy I feel most compatible with, someone who will treat me with respect and who wants to get to know me for me and not just my looks.

    • Thanks for your input! Seriously, every little piece of advice helps. Here's a simple question I have for you - do you like guys that are more direct? I find that most attractive women actually don't like to play games - they like guys that simply are direct and know what they want. Hope my question makes sense! I feel like most guys try to beat around the bush. Works for a lot of women, but not the ones that have options... true?

    • Yes, I like a man who is direct but not pushy. Someone who genuinely knows what they want and act on it. Keep that word in mind - genuine.

  • i don't know if I'm in the "hot girl" category hahah but if I'm interested in a particular guy, generally I won't go out on dates with other guys (or meet up with other guys, or hook up with other guys) after around 3 dates with him. I won't stop talking to the guys 'chasing' me though, and will continue responding to their texts and etc until the guy I like officially asks me to be his girlfriend.

    • Yea, it's not necessarily 'hot girls' in general that I'm talking about, it's just the idea of a girl that constantly has 5 or more dudes chasing at any given time. But that's good to know about the girlfriend idea. Am I ready for a girlfriend? Not sure lol. So I guess it's not fair for me to get jealous when I don't even know if I want a girlfriend...

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    • If you're not hooking up with anyone else, why don't you think you're ready for a girlfriend? Yeah I hate it when people talk about their ex, but yeah you can't hold it against her for talking to other guys or hooking up with other guys. I highly doubt any of the guys mean a thing to her, so try not to get jealous

    • Yea, I just get jealous lol. Lately I'm not showing my jealousy side but I know she can tell, and I swear she tests me on purpose like "Oh I can't wait to hang out with Devin later" and I'll be like "Yea that will be fun" lol. And about hooking up - she's definitely a hook up very early on type person, but I am too - we hooked up first day we met. I know that I do it because if it's a good hook up, it's someone I want to see more. If you suck in bed, why waste time, right?

  • Even a lot of average and uglies have people chasing them. Just people at their own level. Just something people have to deal with. Your partner is faithful or they aren't. They are bonded to you emotionally or they are off chasing the next pretty face. Etc. This is where being someone's friend and confidant matters -- not as much in the beginning of a relationship as it is when things in the relationship start to get "old." There will always be someone hotter, more fun, richer, cooler, etc (guys and gals) ... but there isn't always someone you can trust, count on, feel close to, etc.

  • In time all hotties grow up and mature. When they do they realize the value of a one good man. We realize there will always be boys chasing us and it becomes a fact of life. Those of us who are smart we will stick with the good man that we have. The rest can suck it. As for the man who is lucky enough to have a loyal hottie, he better treat her like a princes and cherish her.

    • So is it OK for a guy to be a little jealous? Don't you like the fact that we want you only for us? Or is jealously just a big turn off?

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    • Ok so she texted me tonight. We're just having basic conversation right now, talking about our days and stuffs. Normally I'd ask her to hang out, but with what happened, I'm going to play it cool until she asks me to come over or hang out or whatever. I really feel like I need to show her that I can give her space and not pressure her to see me. What do you think?

    • that is all you can do. best of luck. :)

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