When girls don't text back?

Okay there are times when I might get a girl's number or eventually go on one or two dates. Then all of sudden when I might text her or call her and she won't answer or return my calls. This might happen a couple times until I just stop and delete her number from my phone book. Then I might see them and they will either say that I haven't called them in a while or just act like nothing happened and try to act friendly with me, expecting me to ask her out again (which I never really do, okay I did slip up and asked one girl out on a date after this happened).

Is this a test that girls have or something, because right now I am lost and don't have a clue? Also I don't know if I should be more persistent and keep trying?


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  • I think you are doing the right thing. A lot of girls will do anything to avoid being honest or mature, so the only way they can end a relationship is to just stop returning calls. When they see you in person, they are acting friendly to avoid any confrontation or honesty.

    I would suggest you be friendly back but never take any kind of action. If they are really interested in seeing you again they should have to demonstrate some initiative. So you could say something like, "give me a call" so the ball is in their court. There is no reason to waste any more time on someone who won't return calls.

    Anyway, just one guy's opinion, I might be wrong.

    • agreed. girls are a pain in the ass. this has happened to me before


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  • well if she's not answering or returning your calls that's a sign she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you... or maybe the girls you have been going out on dates with only see you as a short term fling not a long term relationship... they only want you when they need you otherwise that don't want nothing to do with you. Hypothetically, girls do not like awkward situations... I hate them and try to avoid them as much as possible so girls saying why you haven't called in a long time or act like nothing happened between you is just them trying to make the best out of an awkward situation. If a girl wants you she will do what a guy does she will be really persistent and not give up on you but they haven't done that so just go on the next girl and forget about these ones


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  • because girls are like that, they like to tease you, lead you on to boost their own ego

  • It could be a test, but I doubt it. Why do people ask these type of questions then they don't state why they think they are being rejected? Do you think it's your personality, your looks, your job/income, are you making them laugh, are they having a good time on the dates. You see I can tell you to be " more persistent or to keep trying", but if you don't change the reason they are not responding to you then you should expect the same result. You might want to get advise from a girl you know and ask her to be brutally honest with you and see what the problem is, if your ego can stand it. Good Luck.