I should not have to tell you that!?

Ever get mad at your sig other because they did something really stupid? Not just stupid something that they KNEW you would have thought was stupid/ and or offensive?


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  • It might be plain obvious to you that his will offend you. That does not mean it was to them! So are you sure that it was obvious for them too? If it was then probably they want you to get comfortable with it. They might even over do it so when they do it like normal for them it does not do anything to you.

    Usually this happens when it does nothing to them and they just want to make it all right with you too.

    Example: I tend to cross road very dangerously for most people. I know exactly where cars are and where I am. My ex girlfriend got mad every time. It threatened her. There was no significant danger as I see it. But for her it was pain dangerous. She got mad. And I didn't see why. So next time I got centimeters from car passing by so she sees that it does nothing to me and I can handle that. I know, ... it was idiotic and it triggered really bad reaction from her! But then I didn't see how it could before I did so.

    So, isn't there some message he want to communicate by this (even if it is done absolutely totally inappropriate way)? If you don't give him way to communicate that. If he sees no other option to tell you, then he is going to do it again.

    If you understand why he does it, perhaps it will help you to resolve this.


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  • My ex disrespected me every day by texting her friends while she talked to me on the same phone, then she complained when I had to reply to a text once.


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  • yes, I've been there