First time in a relationship advice?

OK, so today, I just asked this girl out that I have been obsessed with for the past 3 months. We have been very close friends for a long time. Anyways, she said yes. I am a freshman in high school. This is my first girlfriend ever. She has dated people before. I am going to see her first thing in the morning tomorrow, and I don't know what I should do. Like should I take her books, walk her to class, hold her hand, idk. I don't want to move too fast. Any other advice would be good too. No dumb ass comments please.


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  • First of all: Congratulations for your first girlfriend! The first one always marks.

    And now answering your question just do what you feel you have to do, I know you must be very nervous and when you see her in the morning you're going to feel like you're having a heart attack, but what you have to do is take a deep breathe and go with the wind, well not literally, I mean just let the moment be. Lol I know it might sound hard to do, but when you're there you'll know what I'm talking about. A cute touch could be asking her if you can kiss her, not as soon as you see her, but like at the end of the day. Try to be delicate with the things you say and do, some girls can be very caring about that. Well I wrote a little bit too much, hope it helps though, good luck :)


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  • That's so cute! I am very happy for you. Anyways I am a freshman in high school to and if I were you the first thing that I would do is to give her a hug, this shows her that you have been thinking about her. Also don't hold hands until at least the next day, it's very awkward at first and you feel like you have nothing to talk about but you will get over it. After the fourth day I think you will be ready to kiss her. Don't be shy, also BOYS ALWAYS MAKE THE FIRST MOVE! Hope you have a wonderful relatIonship

  • aww that's kute lol...but whtt you need to do is relax. yes holding her hand would be cute.maybe giving her a hug when you see her first thing in the morning..dont carry her books yet you don't wanna seem to unrelaxed or like you'll do everything for her only do it if she really needs help and in the future if your still 2gether than yea hold her with her in lunch also at the end of the day try to give her a simple kiss dnt make out sesh yet...n last but not least don't tell her you love her without really meaning it hope I helped:)

    • I don't have a lunch. And wouldn't kissing her be moving to quick?

  • awww that's cute! congrats to you guys :)

    so to answer your question, well just go with the wind, I'm sure u'll be stressing out like hell, but just relax and do whatva you think is right.

    text her a cute little message in the morning maybe? and when you see her at school, give her a hug and take her hand, that's always cute. and wish her a nice day or something when you walk or to her class!

    good luck :)


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  • I would probably text her a good morning text or something sweet to her. And just act normal like if she was your friend but still treat her like a girlfriend. Maybe even hold her hand but if your worried for the first time you do that and you think she will get mad, I would just ask. If she needs help that's where you come in since she will feel confertable asking you for help.