Girls, what are the guys like that you usually date?

If they're all different and there aren't too many describe them all. Good details please. Looks, personality, interests, etc.


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  • All the guys that I've dated for realsies have been intelligent. That's a big one for me. The most recent ones have been into music, as in they play it themselves. Unfortunately most of them have also been rather fond of indie rock and drugs, which has caused me great personal anguish. ;D

    As far as looks go, the current model is my favorite. =) He's got shoulder-length hair and a snowboarder build. He likes to wear beanies, T-shirts with obscure bands on them, converses, what have you. He's kind of reserved, but very funny and pleasant to be around.


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  • Well, currently I'm in an interesting situation where there are two guys kinda pursuing after me... weird because... I've never had a boyfriend before and this is all very wtf and novel for me. It's more stressful than flattering, and I really don't know what to do URGH. but definitely, one of the guys is a no for me even though he's TOTALLY attractive, sexy, cute, funny, caring, just because... I just see him... as a college BOY. He just seems like... he doesn't really have any plans after college. Other one, definitely needs some manning up, but he's realistic, very grounded on many things, has the maturity, and he can advise me in many things. SO, there you go, physically attractive is a YES for a little FLING, but, to date, you need to be trustworthy and thoughtful.

  • um first one was gangerish, half mexican half white, druggie, really shy,kind, funny, tall and skinny, boring

    second one, surferish liked reggae, italian/greek?, dark features, stoner, really sweet, outgoing but shy/sensitive at the same time, kindof short and thick, sincere, would do jackass type stunts, lazy. lol

    small, tan, southern accent, hustler/fast talker, always hyped up, anger outburst (he was bipolar) very insecure, dirtttyyy, looked like a rat, had lots of friends and connections, dark hair, blue eyes,druggie, crazy

    third, tall and skinny/toned, gangster/preppy/surfer, irish, sweet, shy/insecure, cocky, blond, big d***, stoner, partier, drinker, hard worker, boring

    basically insecure stoners who are either crazy or boring.

  • Black, athletic football player who grew up in houston Texas. Partier. Good sense of humor, killer smile. Could charm the pants off of anyone. Smoker. Popular.

    Irish. Bigger guy, total teddy bear, partier. plays video games. Wealthy parents.

    El salvadorian. break dancer, athletic. Such a kiss ass.

    Every guy I've dated was more or less a stoner. In most cases they quit while we were dating though. I like a guy who's confident, and knows how to have fun.

  • Actually I have dated a highly variety across the spectrum of men. A bartender, gas station manager, farm hand, pilot, concrete business.. and they all look entirely different!

  • Personality:

    firiendly and a gentleman to everyone (well, okay, not everyone)

    A bit of a tease (but not too much)


    Fun to be around, wants to do things

    Has similair interests

    Is easy to talk with

    Has humor

    Isn't easily offended (as I can be a bitch)


    Tall (I'm 5'8 so 6 feet to 6'2 would be perfect)

    Not superskinny built, not fat either -> just bit toned (not too much)

    Nice haircut (surfer style or something like that) and nice clothing style (nice jeans, Vans and shirt)

  • I don't date guys, but I would hope they would be nice and accepting

  • Sweet, kind, confident, in shape


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