He fell off the face of the planet, why?

i started talking to this guy online, we are both very religious and sarcastic. immediately we hit it off, he was taking it very slow for my needs and I really appreciated that. we talked every day, but not so much that it was obsessive :) then a week after we started talking he asked to meet and I said that I definitely wanted to, but needed a few more days to get to know him. later we started texting again (the same night) and he was joking about how he was going to convince me to meet him. the next day he never text me, so I text him saying hope he had a good day and he never wrote back. it has been a week now...what happened?


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  • Sounds like he got impatient. He probably did you a favor and it should show you how impatient he is when not having his way. Depending on how interested you are text him again and if he doesn't respond he may have lost interest.

  • Wow that is weird that he hasn't contacted you. I'd say text him one more time but keep it short just say something a long the lines of "hey, how you been?" If he replies great and if he doesn't, don't text him first anymore.