Haven't heard from him, Do I text??

So I've been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks, we clicked straight away and he's said stuff like he can't believe he feels such a connection with me so soon, been really keen arranging dates and texting/calling, we've talked a lot, (nothing too heavy), but definitely established we have similar values etc, have fun, laugh lots and he's also been really considerate and sensitive, without prompting! Anyway so we were saying goodbye he said I'll give you a call tonight and that was a week ago and I haven't heard from him? Before that he had asked when he could see me again, but we didn't arrange an actual date because he has previously called me after each date to arrange the next one, so I felt happy the same thing would happen. I messaged about 2 days ago just saying Hi how are you, nice and breezy, and he didn't reply. The strangest thing is I did not see it coming AT ALL! It's the most confident I've felt about someones feelings for me in a really long time, and I can't believe, from the person he presented himself to be, that if he didn't want to see me anymore, he wouldn't let me down gently, you know, with a standard "thanks but no thanks" line which let's face it we all ultimately understand! I'm contemplating texting him to ask if he is OK, as not hearing from him has left me a little confused, and it would be nice to catch up? My sensible head says NOOOO, and I know I deserve better than this and if he wants me he will call, but I honestly can't help thinking maybe he got the feeling I wasn't that into him, as I have been quite guarded with my feelings toward him, but also made it clear when appropriate, that I think he is great too! Its not so straight forward as yeah just move on he's not worth it, as it felt like something really good was beginning to develop. What do I do next?


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  • Personally, I would wait another week to give him a chance to reply and then drop him another text to say, At this point, I'm worried and hoping all is well with you..get in touch when you get the chance!

    And if he didn't respond to that..I would eat a lot of ice cream and pop tarts (my comfort foods..!) and call it a day...


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  • you've missed out on this one


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  • I would wait a little longer...

    Something could have happened to him..

    I got in a wreck over the summer and my phone was demolished..

    I agree with the other girl give it anither week or so then call it quits!