How the hell do I get a boyfriend?

I see boys look at me all the time. I'm in high school. I find 2 of the guys in my friend group attractive ish but I'd never date them because they use girls. so outside of friend groups, how can I get a guy to like me/ a fling with a guy/ or a boyfriend!

I really want one a guy in my life :(


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  • I think your problem is why you want a guy, it seems like you want one just have to have one. I think if you don't worry about it and find a nice guy at some point that is better.


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  • Guys don't hit on you?

    • Some do, but outside of school, since most guys in high school are either in a relationship or cowards

  • I asked this question many times and no one seems to have the answer. Especially girls...even though they have boyfriends.

    All I can say is if guys are looking at you all the time that's a good sign. If you don't get a boyfriend in high school you'll probably get one in college. Guys have never looked at me and I'm now in college and single.

  • Go up to a cute guy and talk to him. Get to know each other and maybe he'll start to like you, and a relationship could grow