What are signs that a guy wants a relationship?

I've been dating him for 3 weeks. He's been pretty consistent about calling and hanging out, but I just don't know where his head is at. Is it too soon to know? How do I know if this is going anywhere?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's too early; I would give it at least another month. Just keep going on dates, getting to know him and having fun. If you still want a relationship after that, let him know. In the meantime, you'll know he's interested because he keeps calling you up and asking you out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I think 3 weeks is too soon. You and him are still in the period of getting to know one another, and it's healthy (if not critical) for both of you to just enjoy spending time together and learning about each other. I think 2 months of consistent dating is around the time when you should start considering moving into relationship territory.

    If he's been honest, reliable and kind to you for the past few weeks, let yourself just be excited about meeting someone you like and don't worry about the next step just yet. You may find that it just happens naturally and you won't need to bring it up at all.