He apologized for contacting me?

This guy that comes to my work once a week always asks me loads of question about me, follows me smiles loads of eye contact. He complements me telling everyone I'm the best at what I do. He contacted me on Match.com and seemed really interested. Then realized it was me and said sorry for contacting me. what's going on?


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  • Sounds like he is really interested in you but just afraid to ruin your professional relationship and sounds like doesn't want to make it weird at work.

    He tried to contact you but is unsure how much you are into him, so backed out in most respectable way he could, may be it's time you gave him some attention as well.

    Ask him out and rock his world.


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  • Kinda sounds like he's afraid to ask you out cause you work together?

  • Oh, he knew was you alright on match.com, probably just felt awkward when you discovered it. He's crushing on you big time, do you like the guy?

    • I think I do, I feel cos I might, I may be picking up wrong signals and thinking he's just being friendly.. But with him asking loads of questions about me it kind it throws me abit

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